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Bankruptcy allows you to discharge old and recent debts in collection.

Creditors harassment, calls and threats….??? Bankruptcy can put a stop immediately.

Meeting certain criteria, Bankruptcy can discharge back Taxes.

Did you receive a wage garnishment….??? Home in foreclosure…..??? Bankruptcy can stop it and protect it.


We will work with you to get the best solution for your financial situation. We will only suggest bankruptcy filing if it is in your best interest.


Want to live or work in the United States? Our immigration lawyers can help you obtain a visa, green card or citizenship

CA Secretary of state filing

The Secretary of State's office processes filings, maintains records and provides information to the public relating to business entities that include corporations

Traffic Infractions

It is never a good sign when the red and blue lights flash in your rear view mirror. As careful as you may drive, you may find yourself being handed a ticket for a traffic infractions

Criminal Defense

Facing a criminal charge can be a daunting experience. A conviction can impact your life on many levels. You may lose your job, get disqualified from receiving benefits, and even be subject to deportation.

DUI, License Suspended

Winning & Affordable LA County DUI Lawyer. Get DUI Charges Dropped or Reduced! Get your charges reduced/dropped. Contact us for a free consult to find out more





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Discharge of Tax Debt in a Personal Bankruptcy
Discharge of Tax Debt in a Personal Bankruptcy

Written by J. Beirne Benjamin Franklin famously said that nothing is certain but death and taxes.  However, income taxes can be wiped out (discharged) in a personal Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy if certain requirements are met.  If you have been struggling with tax debt you should have an attorney from the Beirne Law Firm, California […]

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Recent Foreclosure News In California
Recent Foreclosure News In California

Now, what better way is there to get clothing you’re sure to love than by making it yourself? Did you know that there are clubs you can join that will not only teach you how to make some spiffy duds, but will also allow you to make some friends at the same time?

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